The newly developed organic fertilizer granulator from our company is a molding machine which can make the material into a specific shape. Drum granulator is one of the key equipment in the compound fertilizer industry. It is suitable for mass production of cold, hot granule and high and low concentration compound fertilizer. Main work method is aggregate wet granulation, through a certain amount of water or steam, the basic fertilizers that been wetted in the cylinder body will react; under a certain liquid conditions, with the rotation of the tube, the material particles are created to squeeze together the balls. This machine adopts special rubber sheet lining or acid resistant stainless steel liner, realizing automatic removing scar and dissolving, so that the traditional scraper device can be eliminated. This machine has the characteristics of high ball strength, good appearance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long service life and convenient operation and maintenance. Wet stirring tooth granulator uses high speed rotating mechanical shearing force and the resulting air power, making continuous implementation of the fine powder material in the machine mixing, granulating, spheroidizing, density and other processes, which achieves the goal of the granulation. The combination of these two granulating methods makes the granule forming rate higher, and the granules are more beautiful, while saving energy and energy efficiency.

Animal manure organic fertilizer disc granulator making machine type disc granulator machine, it is an ideal equipment for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

2.the granulation rate is up to 95% or more.

3.The main gear of the granulator adopts high frequency quenching and doubles the service life. 4.the disk lined with high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic, the bottom of the plate with a number of radiation plate to strengthen, so the disc will be durable and never deformation.

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