Livestocks excrements intelligent fermentation all-in-one machine manchine for organic fertilizer,It is aimed at the livestock manure in farm,residual sludge in sewage tretment plant to ferment with high temperature.It is aimed at organic matter in waste to biodegrade,It can achieve the integrated processing equipment of harmless, stabilization, energy saving and resource utilization.

It is suitable for different kinds of farms such as pig farm,cow farm,chicken farm etc.After being processed by a fermentation all-in-one machine, the moisture of organic fertilizer was about 20%-30%,the organic fertilizer can packing directly.

Advantages of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Compost Making Machine:

1. The equipment covers less land, has great mobility, less investment, quick effect, advanced technology and high degree of automation.

2. Electric heating leads to low energy consumption and short time.

3. Hard tooth surface high-performance reducer is used in the transmission mixing system, which is economical and durable.

4. The machine is equipped with automatic control regulator of oil temperature and material temperature, which is convenient and practical, and is the preferred equipment for harmless treatment and organic fertilizer production in farms.

5. Livestock manure can be rapidly converted into high-quality organic fertilizer after 8-10 hours of high-temperature fermentation, which has reached the national standard.

6. Suitable for field crops, fruits, trees, greenhouse vegetables, etc.